Daily Create: Facebook becoming Bigger

I found an article on the New York Times talking about how Facebook was buying WhatsApp for 16 billion dollars. In my opinion I’m not surprised that Facebook would do a thing like that because they are trying to take over the social media platform. Facebook has become one of the biggest social media site ever and it would only make sense to expand its power and buy other companies. WhatsApp is known for mobile messaging and Facebook is trying to expand its effort in creating a series of applications on a users device rather than social networking alone. I’m for this article because it’s all about Capitalism, trying to succeed over others and coming out on top. WhatApps growth has been growing dramatically from the time it was introduced, so Facebook has benefited greatly by buying this company. What I’m curious is how far Facebook will go and will it try to buy other companies in an effort to expand its market. Facebook still happens to be the most downloaded app on smartphones and remains in strong position with cellphone operators. I guess time will only tell on how much bigger Facebook plans on being in the media world.


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